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Cristal Clear water
for ponds and pools

Filtreau UV-C

Unparalleled performance
for a better living environment

Filtreau Excellent
Combi Drum

Featured product

The Excellent Series

By acquiring and putting knowledge into practice, a new unique filter series has emerged. Current techniques have been optimized and evolved. We present to you our high quality filter.

The Filtreau Excellent series has the ability to possibly easily expand it with additional UV-C HO 80 watts. This makes the excellent series complete to contribute to a clear clean pond. It stimulates the decomposition of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Due to the complete in-house development of the Filtreau excellent filters, all aspects have been taken into account.

Controle Box

Automatic cleaning: Floater
Manual operation: turn/flush button
Rinse time drum: 10sec. Rinse level Gravity: Adjustable
Flush level Pump-fed: not adjustable
Power sockets: Rinse pump, pond pump , drive motor drum and UVC H-O 80watt stainless steel
Dry-running protection disabled: 30sec. UVC lamp
Flush protection: 5min rinses consecutively control box drops out, manual reset
Magnetic protection: opening lid control box goes off

RVS nozzle

High-pressure atomisation nozzle with internal fine filter. This prevents the nozzle from clogging.

UV-C HO 80 watt

The new immersion Filtreau UV-C Module UNOX RVS contributes to pure pond water. Both its ingenious design and high-quality materials turn out high UV-C radiation with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 Nm. This high dose of irradiation destroys virtually all bacteria, viruses and also fungi. Added chemicals, such as chlorine, can be reduced by up to 80 per cent, resulting in purer healthier water!

SPG XL drive motor

Our industrial SPG drive motor delivers 130Nm. The unit for torque (force x arm) is Newton metres. It is used to denote, among other things, the tractive force of a motor. These drive motors are constructed exclusively for our drum filters! The motors are mounted on the filter with a double seal to prevent both leakage and deformation.

The Excellent line comes standard with:
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles
  • Stainless Steel Floater
  • Stainless steel Flush pump 5/7 bar
  • RSPG XL drive motor
  • Automatic flush chute
  • Gutter brushes
  • 80 watt HO RVS UV-C
The Excellent line comes standard with:
  • Flexible PP filter screen
  • Industriele aandrijfmotor 130Nm
  • Control box with lid protection
  • Extra space at inlet drum
  • Automatic flush chute
  • Professional finishes
  • High quality pp Simone

Stainless Steel Floater

Because of the dirt, the water in the drum cannot flow through the filter mesh as easily. This is signalled by the float switch, which triggers the flush function. This means that the drum starts spinning. The nozzles then spray water from outside against the spinning drum.

Flush channel

This mechanism ensures that the gutter is cleared of any dirt left behind in the gutter. However, sometimes leaves or twigs remain in the gutter that are not washed away by the spray nozzles. The water power of a resourceful system ensures that these are still flushed away to the sewer.

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#40years of experience

Filtreau is the leading A-brand in UV-C technology and water disinfection. Our products kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and ensure crystal clear and clean water in (koi) ponds and swimming pools.


UV-C Lighting


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