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Filtreau UV-C Module High Output 40W


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660 mm

The Filtreau UV-C Module ensures crystal-clear water. The sophisticated design and high-quality materials result in high UV-C radiation with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm. The high irradiation dose kills almost all bacteria, viruses and also fungi, thus providing clear and clean water. This allows any added chemicals (e.g. chlorine) to be reduced by up to 80%, ensuring more natural, healthy water!


Technical specifications




230V AC 50/60 Hz

Electronic load

12.000 h

Lamp life time

18 m3/h

Rc. current for 30 mJ/cm2


0,8 A

Maximum current

3.0 bar

Max. pressure

Diameter in outlet

40W High-Output

Lamp power

Minimize the use of chemicals

UV-C lighting ensures crystal clear water in your pond and pool. UV-C light is an effective way to clean water, drastically reducing the use of chemicals.

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Kill and prevent algae growth

UV-C is extremely effective in eliminating algae and preventing algae growth. The ultraviolet light affects the algae's DNA, disrupting reproduction.

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Eliminate harmful bacteria

UV-C light kills bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. This helps reduce germs in the pond or pool.

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